Point of Sale Solutions

When you need a partner with years of experience in selecting, installing, and supporting Point of Sale (POS) systems, Whistler ITS is the partner for you. We can help you through the full life cycle of your POS needs. Our team will make the process of operating your POS system painless, providing all levels of support services for your POS needs.

Finding the right Point of Sale solutions can be an overwhelming task when faced with integrating a custom system when faced with the thousands of optional available components. You need a partner that understands the POS technology market and knows how to select the right building blocks for your needs. Whistler ITS is that partner! We have the expertise and experience to select, integrate, install, and support your solution.

We offer the following Point of Sale solutions:

Front End

  • Traditional Point of Sale
  • Self-checkout
  • e-Commerce
  • Direct payments
  • Integrated scale
  • Hardware options

Back Office

  • Inventory and supply
  • Loyalty and marketing
  • Enterprise management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Data security

Support packages are available for all our solutions.

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