Managed Services

When you need an IT company that can help you manage your technology headaches, Whistler ITS is here to help. Let us perform the critical maintenance task for your systems so your organization can operate, knowing that the critical thinks are being handled. Whistler ITS is here to meet your total needs. We can support all your IT needs. See what we can do to support you needs so you can focus on growing your business.

When you need to outsource your IT service as part of your growth plan or as a cost reduction method, look to Whistler ITS as a solution. We can assume 360-degree responsibility of your firms IT operations, including 24x7 monitoring, on demand IT support as well as problem resolution. We work to proactively communicated to our clients, reliable guidance and sound IT strategic decisions that provided solid impacts.

We provide:

  • Technology consultants
  • IT implementation
  • Pay per usage pricing model
  • Strategic Planning to reduced your IT risk, while becoming future ready in terms of technological disruptions

Solutions can be customized to cover any of the following:

  • Proactive application maintenance
  • Reactive application maintenance
  • Problem resolution
  • Application monitoring and alerts
  • Hosting solutions / cloud infrastructure services
  • Infrastructure automation/engineering (DevOps)
  • Cloud based patch management
  • Backup solutions
  • Overall network security
  • Risk management
  • Database services
  • Cost management

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